Information guides on COVID-19 and other emergencies

on 23 March 2020

Five information guides about emergency situations that might appear in the context of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, made by the Department of Emergency Situations, are now available on the website of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) in the Legislation section.

The guides cover the five most common types of situations and questions that may arise during this period:

The guides contain useful and practical information: from tips for protecting yourself during shopping or while using public transport to clarifying the necessary steps in case of self-isolation or traveling to Romania.

In addition to the five documents, another 17 information guides covering situations such as flood, fire, landslide, domestic violence, tornado or nuclear accident, can also be accessed at the same link.

The documents are part of the national public information campaign "Be prepared", carried out by the Department for Emergency Situations, to help citizens better understand the risks and to inform them about what preventive measures and behaviour is needed for various emergency or disaster situations.

The documents can be accessed here.