PROJECT TITLE: Computer Assisted and Information Feedback Training for Human Spaceflight Support - STARWALKER

Coordinator: Institute of Space Science; INFLPR-ISS

Period: November 2013 - October  2016

Project director: Valeanu Vlad

Project team:

Description: The project targets the establishment of a scientific-technologic collaborative Competence Centre addressing to a particular technological niche in the larger field of countermeasures for Human Space Flight: astronauts' assessment, training and recovery for and after long exposure to MICE (Micro-gravity, Isolated and Confined Environment) through information-feedback, assisted, neuro-muscular control and mental-control assessment and training.

Project objectives:

The development of the national scientific and technologic capacity to participate in human spaceflight related activities by targeting:

The entrainment and mentoring of the industry to participate in ESA activities:

Promotion of all level interdisciplinary education and public awareness in the specific field through:

Dissemination of results in scientific Publications, Conferences, Workshops and Seminaries (for professionally interested, scientific and technical community);

The establishment of cooperation with similar entities in Europe and in the World.


WP1 - Competence Center Strategy Definition
WP2 - Capacity Building for participation to ESA Programes
WP3 - Scientific and Industrial Networking
WP4 - Education, Dissemination and Putreach
WP5 - Competence Centre Project Management

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives: