PROJECT TITLE: Optimized Flow Architectures for Fuel Cell Bipolar/Unipolar Plates Functioning in Outer Space Conditions — OptiFlow

Coordinator: ET Innovative Solutions ltd. 

Partners: University of Bucharest

Period: 29 November 2013 - 28 November 2016

Project director: Prof. Dr. Eng. Eden Mamut

Project team:

CO-ET Innovative Solutions ltd.

Partner 1: University of Bucharest

Description: The project aims the development of a focused research program in order to identify the specific thermofluidic phenomena related to the flows of gaseous species in the channel architecture of the fuel cell unipolar/bipolar plates in low gravity conditions. 

Project objectives: 


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives: The implementation of the project is preparing the partners for developing competency on modeling and optimization of flows in mini and microchannel arrays in low gravity conditions  that might become a competitive advantage in addressing future ESA projects.

Homepage: OPTIFLOW