PROJECT TITLE: On-Board Data Flow Simulator — ODAS

Coordinator: Institute of Space Science (ISS)

Partners: -

Period: -

Project director: Dr. Lucia A. Popa 

Project team: -

Description: The goal of the project is to develop, implement, test and validate a self-standing flight software package (FLSW) aiming to simulate the flow of scientific and slow control data for an on-board scientific instrument.

The final application, On-Board DAta flow Simulator (ODAS), will run on a Data Processing Unit (DPU) emulated by the LEON3 processor qualified for space  foreseen to be used by the future ESA science space missions such Euclid (M-class) and Athena XMS (L-class).

Project objectives:

O1. Generation of Simulated Input Data

O2. ODAS’s product design

-Receive the science data blocks

-Perform raw science data processing (e.g. removal of the pedestal

-Perform lossless compression of data blocks to reduce their size;

-Perform the decompression of the data

-Packets the data blocks following the ESA and ECSS standards;

-Deliver the packetized data to MM- U from SVM.


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives: -

Homepage: ODAS