PROJECT TITLE: Synthesis of transient complex molecular systems in laboratory plasmas with relevance for molecular astrophysics of hot cores — PLASMAHOTCORE


Partners: -

Period: January 2014 – December 2016

Project director: Ionut Topala

Project team:

Description: The aim of the present proposal is to support the coagulation of a research team in Romania with molecular astrophysics as main research direction. We propose to study the synthesis of transient complex molecular systems in laboratory plasmas in noble gas –hydrogen –CnH2n+2 or CnH2n+1OH or CnH2nO mixtures. Chemical synthesis assisted by plasma and conversion into higher molecules is an important topic related to the molecular physics of hot cores. Attention will be devoted also to volume and surface processing in plasmas of simple amino acids and monosacharides, in order to obtain answers related to the processes affecting the molecules of biological importance in energetic environments.

Project objectives:





Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

Space science is one of the research fields encouraged by ROSA. Thus, implementation of the present grant in Plasma Physics Laboratory at University of Iasi will encourage the coagulation of new research direction –Plasma Laboratory Studies for Molecular Astrophysics. This may lead to other cooperation with the team in Europe based on similar scientific interest, professionalism and extensive experience of the partners, as well as a possibility of sharing each others’ experimental facilities for very specialized and beneficial research activities.