on 23 July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Academy Compositional and dynamical modeling of near-Earth asteroids - COD-NEA

Coordinator: Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (AIRA) 


Period: November 2012 - November 2015

Project director: Nedelcu Dan Alin

Project team: A team of 7 researchers and one engineer.

Description: COD-NEA project aims to characterize the compositional and physical properties of some of the most important near-Earth asteroids (NEA) using muti-wavelength (visible, infrared), multi instruments (photometer, spectometers) techniques and to explore thei dynamical evolution by means of massive, parallel numericla integrations.

Project objectives:


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

Aiming to obtain critical physical and compositional information needed to assess the damage potential and impact risk of NEA this program is situated within the objectives of the ESA Space Situational Awareness (SSA) initiative.

The expected results of the project should strengthen the integration of the Romanian planetilogy community into ESA scientific programs such as MarcoPolo-R space mission.

Homepage: COD-NEA