on 23 July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Auroral Electrodynamics with Swarm — ALEOS

Coordinator: The Institute of Space Science 

Partners: NationaI Institute for Lasers Plasma and Radiation Physics

Period: 19 November 2012 - 18 November 2015

Project director: Octav Marghitu

Project team:

Description: ALEOS concentrates on the auroral region, where the magnetic field lines provide a direct connection between the ionosphere–thermosphere and the magnetosphere. 

The project supports the implementation of a Swarm data exploitation proposal, accepted by ESA in Feb. 2012, and benefits from the expertise of colleagues in Germany, Canada, Sweden, and Finland.

ALEOS interacts closely with the VALS project – supporting Romanian contributions to Swarm data validation activities led by GFZ Potsdam (to be presented by Dr. Adrian Blagau).

ALEOS interacts also with the Idei project M–ICAR,, and the project POLARIS,, carried on at the International Space Science Institute, Bern.

Project objectives:


Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

The strong involvement in a key ESA Earth Observation mission contributes to Romania’s participation in ESA programmes, which is the main goal of STAR.

ALEOS answers as well several other goals of the STAR programme: