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How to see Webb’s new images?

on 11 July 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites you to be part of the unveiling of Webb’s first full-colour images on Tuesday 12 July. Choose from watching a livestream, attending an in-person event, or joining ESA’s social media activities.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden will unveil one of the first images in a preview live stream event at 23:00 CEST (00:00 Romanian Time). Watch live on ESA Web TV. The image will also be made available on ESA channels.

These first images from the international NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope will demonstrate Webb at its full power, ready to begin its mission to unfold the infrared universe. From the deepest images of our Universe ever made, to stellar life cycles, interacting galaxies and insights into exoplanets, Webb is set to wow us across a wide range of topics.

NASA, ESA and CSA are hosting a joint broadcast to unveil the new images one by one with live commentary from experts. ESA is hosting the transmission on ESA Web TV. It will begin with a leadership address at 15:45 CEST (16:45 Romanian time), the image reveal in a live broadcast with expert commentary from 16:30 CEST (17:30 Romanian time), and a media briefing at 18:00 CEST (19:00 Romanian time).

The images will be released simultaneously across Webb and partner agency websites and social media accounts.

Check the homepage as each image is unveiled on 12 July, between 16:30 CEST and 17:30 CEST (16:30-18:30 Romanian time). The complete set of images will also be available via ESA Space in Images archive here.

Once all the images have been presented in the live broadcast, a press release will be published on

Special events are being held across Europe to celebrate this mission milestone and bring the images to more citizens across the continent.

More details here.

Image credit: ESA/ATG medialab