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One ESA: an interactive journey around ESA sites

on 08 July 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites you to browse the One ESA brochure, available now in an online version. This interactive publication explores ESA’s establishments and how they work together on European space missions.

The One ESA brochure is available in print, as well as this interactive format, which can be read on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Find out how ESA plans science missions, keeps our planet safe, keeps us connected and develops Europe’s powerful, efficient rocket launchers.

Each of ESA’s nine establishments and sites is a centre of excellence for specific activities and they are all interconnected to support ESA missions. The interactive elements of this online publication allow you to test your knowledge of each ESA location with ‘Did you know?’ buttons.

This interactive version is intended to broaden the One ESA brochure reach and make it easily available to a wider and more global public. The link can be shared online and provides a colourful and entertaining introduction to ESA’s missions and establishments.

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Image credit: ESA