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Wanted: your new ideas for navigation

on 10 March 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites you to submit proposals for ESA’s navigation-focused NAVISP research programme. The deadline for this year’s workplan is 31 March 2022.

The current estimate is that ‘positioning, navigation and timing’ (PNT) underpins a tenth of the European economy. The transport sector is obviously reliant on PNT, but so for example is precision agriculture, along with power, communications and banking networks and the fast-growing internet of things.

Satellite navigation, with signals from space extending across the globe, represents the single biggest source of PNT information, but these signals are not available in all locations and are vulnerable to natural or human-made interference. PNT is so important that Europe needs to hone our competitiveness in this field, and be wary of relying on a single-source solution.

That is what ESA’s Navigation Innovation and Support Programme, NAVISP, is all about. Overseen by many of the same experts who helped Europe’s Galileo satnav system to become a working reality, NAVISP is supporting cutting-edge European companies in the development of novel PNT technologies and services.

NAVISP is divided into a trio of elements. NAVISP Element 1 is focused on innovation in PNT, involving novel concepts, techniques, technologies and systems along the entire value chain – often combining satnav with other solutions.

This might involve, for instance, applying AI as well as positioning sensors to driverless cars and boats, adding wifi or 5G signals to PNT fixes, or employing high-altitude atmospheric platforms to supplement satnav coverage over regions in need.

To compile its annual Element 1 workplan, NAVISP invites innovative PNT (positioning, navigation and timing’ ) concepts from companies or academic entities across Navigation Innovation and Support Programme (NAVISP) Participating States. Element 1’s scope of activities ranges from initial feasibility studies and viability analyses all the way to full proof of concept for promising PNT systems and services.

Candidates should send a 1-page description, notifying their national ESA Delegation (for Romania: ROSA) of their application in parallel.

More details here.

Image credit: Adobe Stock