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Six Romanian teams reached the international stage of the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2021

on 14 October 2021

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) congratulates the winning teams of NASA Space Apps Challenge Romania 2021.

The contest, part of the largest international hackathon dedicated to science, took place between October 2-3, with 15 teams taking part. 6 teams from Romania qualified for the international stage of the competition as follows:


Star – the team designed a compact greenhouse for the nutritional supplementation of a piloted mission to Mars, in order to maximize plant production in a confined space, improve diet and bring innovative solutions to current problems of space agriculture;

Aqualood – the team developed Starwalker, an educational space exploration game for 10-14 year olds, designed to awaken new interests and passions in children, thus supporting the advancement of society.

Cluj Napoca

IoT4Nature – the team has designed an electronic device to ensure safe and environment-free detachment from the parachute, avoiding shock and pyrotechnic generated gunpowder

Petru Rares Straight to Space – the team shared the experience gained by launching a weather balloon in August - plan, list of materials, lessons learned, problems and related solutions, measurements, data and backup devices needed - to help them to those who want to launch a weather balloon.


Dione - developed Astroknowledge, a game in which participants learn about space and which also serves as a teaching tool, helping teachers can inspire young people with a passion for space exploration;


Hypercube – the team has developed a project that creates a virtual map of the globe and displays in real time all space debris orbiting the Earth, with an impact on both space travel and life on Earth.

A special award was given to the A.M.C.G. team from Bucharest, for their idea of a website that helps NASA transmit information to researchers.

The jury also included Ulpia Elena Botezatu, a researcher at the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA).

The winning teams from Romania will be evaluated together with the other winning projects by NASA experts. The grand prize of the global competition is the chance to participate in the launch of a space shuttle in 2022.

More information about NASA Space Apps Challenge can be found here.

Image credit: NASA Space Apps Challenge Romania