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on 28 June 2021

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is inviting you to participate at the first edition of Space Safety Digital Festival organised by ESA. The event will take place virtually, today Monday 28 June from 18:00-20:00 CEST.

This event will give you the opportunity to meet top experts working on space debris, planetary defence, hazardous space weather, cyber resilience and many other areas and to join special sessions showcasing Asteroid Day, top European astronomers and how to bring a mission to cartoon life.

Today, 28 June, 18:00 - 20:00 CEST, two dozen world-renowned experts from ESA and US and European institutions will share their stories, answer questions and illustrate why the ever-evolving field of Space Safety is worth celebrating.

Places are limited so you can register here.

Find more about the event and the speakers here.

Image credit: ESA