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International Meteor Conference 2011

on 05 August 2011

The Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (Societatea Astronomică Română de Meteori – SARM) will hold at Sibiu, from 15 to 18 September 2011, the 30 th edition of the International Meteor Conference - IMC 2011, the annual event of the International Meteor Organization - IMO. The event will be attended by amateur and professional astronomers, meteor observers, researchers, academics, universities and research centers, astronomy societies and associations, representatives of international institutions: IMO, the International Astronomical Union, NASA, the European Space Agency, Southern European Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, etc.

The IMC is an important international event for the scientific community, during which are made impact communications for the genera public. The topics include the analysis of observational results regarding the meteor showers (visual, photographic, video and radio), the dynamics of meteoroids currents flow in space, the meteor shower's impact on space flights, asteroids and comets as sources of meteor showers, impact craters on Earth, software and data reduction. There will be held also a poster session and a video presentation.

In the opening, on 14 and 15 September, there will be two special workshops, one for radio observations and other for the determinations of orbits: Radio Meteor Workshop and Meteor Orbit Workshop.

The conference program included an astropoetry, astrofolk and Astropoet theater show, a space music concert by Betelgeuze group fromBelarus, an exhibition of astrophotography, a public session of astronomical observations through a telescope and a trip to Balea Lac.

The presentation website is available at