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The first Ariane 5 launch in 2017

on 23 February 2017

On 14 February, the Ariane 5 launcher marked its first launch of the year, which transported the Sky Brasil-1 and Telkom-3S telecom satellites on the Earth’s orbit.

The launch, which lasted 39 minutes, took place from the European Spaceport, located in the French Guiana, at 21:39 GMT (23:39 local time in Romania).

The Sky Brasil-1 satellite, which will offer Brazil high-definition television services, was launched 27 minutes after lift-off, while the Telkom-3S entered the Earth’s orbit 12 minutes later. Telkom-3S will provide television, internet and mobile communication services to the citizens of Indonesia, as well as Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Image credit: ESA