Award for very high spatial and spectral resolution satellite imaging technologies research

on 02 August 2011

After Mr. Dragos Brătăşanu, researcher of the Romanian Space Agency, received a few months ago from DigitalGlobe company (  the High-Quality Paper prize in the 8-band Challenge research competition held at the end of last year, and also some awards and travel grants to the IEEE and ISPRS international conferences in Canada and Australia, this month the company DigitalGlobe Inc. Research gave him the Grand Prix at the international competition held recently. From hundreds of scientific articles, including universities and prestigious worldwide institutes, Mr. Brătăşanu's paper, "Spectral band discovery for advancing satellite image visual analysis" was recognized as bringing the greatest scientific and operational contribution to the industry and research of satellite imaging technologies.

The awards were announced at the ESRI International User Conference conference, held this month in the USA, and will be presented at Latin America Geospatial Forum, to be held in Brazil in August.

For the first time in history,remote sensing and GIS researcher have access to high resolution images with 8 spectral bands. The competition aimed at awardind the best papers which are proposing operational methods to use optical WorldView-2 satellite data. Participants were given test multispectral imaging and a few weeks to test and evaluate their processing algorithms on DigitalGlobe data.

The fields of interest for the organizers were:

- Land Use Land Cover Analysis

- Environmental Mapping and Monitoring

- Coastal Habitat Mapping

- Feature Extraction

The method described in this article was developed within the ROSA project this year. The paper can be downloaded here.

Official website of the contest can be found at the following addresses: