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2011 GEOSS Summer School

on 15 April 2011

The main goal of this year’s summer school is to acquire knowledge on current use of EO data and image information mining techniques contributing to prevent, monitor and assess the impact of natural and man-made disasters and crisis situations.  

The following theoretical and practical aspects will be approached (one day dedicated to each topic, presentations in the morning, Q&A and practical work sessions in the afternoon, one day dedicated to in-situ experience):

- Emergency response in the framework of GMES and GEOSS; overview of user needs and information requirements, good practices and lessons learned.

- SAR based rapid mapping for emergency response - theory and practice, operational experience. 

- Infrastructure and land slides monitoring using SAR data - methods and techniques.

- Marine environment monitoring (SAR and optical data) - workflows and information products.

This second edition of the summer school is mainly addressing young researchers, PhD students or people involved in operational activities in which Earth observation data is used. The intended audience would ideally be formed of about 20 students from Romania and 20 from abroad. Participants will be selected base on a first come – first served rule, taking also into consideration the required technical background (short CV required).