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Romania, first in the world in popularizing outer space

on 25 June 2011

The United Nations released during this month, a report on activities dedicated to the World Space Week. Worldwide, Romania ranks first, with 142 events, followed by India, Slovakia and the United States.

"I congratulate Romania for the performance of organizing the most events dedicated to World Space Week worldwide"

 - Said Mr. Dennis Stone, voluntary President of the Association for the World Space Week. "Romania has reasons to be proud of its participation in space activities in celebration of World Space Week" - he added.

Every year since 1999, the Romanian Space Agency coordinates and organizes the celebration of the World Space Week in Romania. The main purpose of this event is meant to be make the policy makers and the public aware about the benefits of using space science and technology for sustainable development. Celebrating this event worldwide was sanctioned by the UN General Assembly who voted like in each year, the period between October 4 to 10 to be celebrated as World Space Week. These two dates signify the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite (Sputnik I, 4 October 1957) and the entry into force of the Treaty on Outer Space (10 October 1967).

In 2010, Romania hosted 142 events in 25 counties of the country, both in urban and rural areas. Along with Romania, other 62 countries around the world have participated in this festival, with a total of 585 events worldwide in 2010. The 142 events hosted by our country and coordinated by the Romanian Space Agency and it represents a quarter of all events worldwide, making Romania the undisputed leader in this edition.

During the 11 years that Romania was involved, through the Romanian Space Agency, in the organization of events for World Space Week, a large number of Romanian enthusiasts have contributed to this celebration - from elementary schools to universities, kindergartens and SF circles. The synchronized events attracted media coverage nationally, World Space Week offering the organizers of such events airtime - whether their purpose is to inspire pupils and students, to educate the public, to promote their own brand, or to make known their ideas. The 2010 edition had various events in Romania, such as physical experiments, launching rockets, tridimensional photo exhibitions, drawing contests dedicated to space, and many other such initiatives to promote the benefits of space and space education.

Reports and pictures from the events held in Romania are available online at Further information can be obtained from Mr. Virgil Pop, Romanian Space Agency researcher,