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on 12 January 2000

Romanian Space Agency organized the first workshop dedicated to the third millennium - the space millennium: "Magnetic Bacteria - a Transition from Physics to Biology", on Wednesday, January 12,2000, at the Scientists' House in Lahovary Square.
Dr. Marius-Ioan PISO from the Romanian Space Agency and Institute of Space Sciences - "Magnetic Bacteria and Magnetic Fluids", Dr. Radu POPA from the Institute of Speology and Jet Propulsion Laboratory - "Magnetic Bacteria", and Dr. Ladislau VEKAS from the Institute of Complex Fluids - "Magnetic Liquids and Their Biomedical Applications" - lectured and answered the guests' questions for two hours.

From the participants, there can be mentioned: Sergiu ILIESCU, the President of the National Agency for Communications and Informatics, Lanyi SZABOLCS, the President of the National Agency for Science and Innovation, Irinel POPESCU, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, Romanian Academy members, scientists, mass-media representatives.

Magnetic bacteria and magnetic fluids form systems that can be structured and can self-structure. Some of their practical applications are similar and complementary - bacteria can replace liquids and viceversa.

This was a world premiere for the meeting of scientists on both fields, on the purpose of a common project. It is meant to form a scientists group that value this experience. The project develops at the Romanian Space Agency.

There are high level experience and expertise in Romania, in both fields; magnetic fluids have been researched and produced since 1978; and bacteria like the magnetic ones were discovered in Movila Cave, in 1992.

Existent and possible applications of these scientific researches extend in many fields. The main feature is the possibility of structuring a complex environment by using magnetic fields, relatively easy to produce in our technological era.

Besides the research component, terrestrial applications of magnetic bacteria and magnetic fluids in hi-tech fields, in environment protection and biomedical applications were also dicussed.

On a long-term, there is the possibility of producing complex biophysics structures, which are able to behave intelligently and which are able to replace astronauts in far space missions.

The fields of use are aerospace techniques, chemical industry, medicines, sensors, and computer technology. The future applications of the magnetic liquids emphasize - on a short-term - medicine and biology.