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The 8th IAA Conference on Space Systems as Critical Infrastructures

on 28 June 2019

Between 27 – 28 June 2019, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) organised the 8th IAA Conference on Space Systems as Critical Infrastructures. The event took place in Mamaia, Romania. This year's topic was "From kilograms to kilobytes, from substance to information, from matter to structure".

The increasing dependence on certain space systems places them in the area of critical infrastructures, whose disruption or destruction would generate lasting damage. In this context, the aim of the event is to bring space experts at the same table and build a common rationale and straightforward understanding of the ways in which short and long-term space-related action should be framed for the benefit of all actors involved.

Dr. Phys. Marius-Ioan Piso, the President of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), opened the conference, and later on presented a Status Report on the IAA Study Group 5.13. Other topics covered at the conference were: complexity in decision making for critical space infrastructures, how satellite communication can be protected against intentional interruption, mega constellations, vulnerabilities of space-based monitoring system for agriculture, the Cheia SST ground station.

Technical presentations were given on the topics of: autonomous satellite collision avoidance using artificial intelligence, radiation hardness studies, the ESA CCS tool etc.

The event also included a round table discussion on "Building institutional capabilities and cooperation in the field of space critical infrastructures”.

More information is available at the following link.

Image credit: ROSA