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"Diaspora in scientific research and higher education in Romania" conference

on 16 September 2010

Bucharest, 21-24 September 2010

The event continues the series of meetings between the Romanian scientific community in the country and the one abroad started in 2008. The official website of the event can be found here

Held under the slogan "The National Call to Romanian researchers in the Diaspora" conference aims to create a space of dialogue and cooperation between the Romanian researchers in the country and those outside its borders. At the event will be organized a series of open area exploratory workshops, where there is Romanian potential and expertise.

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) holds on 22-23 September 2010, an exploratory workshop on "Space - Technology, security, science" with the Romanian scientific diaspora. The seminar aims to materialize the opportunities offered by the European cooperation framework established by the European Commission (EC), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Defence Agency (EDA): The Treaty of Lisbon, in this case Article 189 on space - regarding Romania's participation to the generation and definition of the European Space Programme, the accession to the European Space Agency Convention - defining research directions and optional programs and technology initiatives such as "Clean Sky".

The program has three threads of great interest: information extraction from heterogeneous data, radar interferometry with synthetic aperture, nanosatellite - network band.

The event will take place at the National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli" - INCAS, 220 Iuliu Maniu Blvd., Sector 6, Bucharest. Attached you can find the preliminary program of the event.