Student visit at the National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli" (INCAS)

on 17 January 2018

On 15 January, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invited a group of secondary school students at the National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli" (INCAS).

The students had the opportunity to visit a Virtual Reality Laboratory, where researchers perform 3D analysis, aeronautic design, design for the construction of warehouse and other ground infrastructure for the aeronautical industry etc. Under the supervision of Eng. Sorin Berbente, the students visualised a plane, adding and removing its components. They also viewed a simulation of dynamic flows, which shows us how air currents influence the plane structure.

The students used a fixed base flight simulator — a 1:1 replica of a Boeing 737 NG (New Generation) cockpit — normally used for research and exploring various flight scenarios. Under the supervision of Eng. Alina-Ioana Chira and Eng. Andreea-Irina Afloare, and the guidance of a professional pilot, the students learnt steps for pre-flight, take-off, during flight and for landing.

The Boeing 737 NG flight simulator at INCAS recreates the aircraft flight and various aspects concerning the flight environment. These simulations include the equations governing the flight, the aircraft response to commands, the operation of other systems and the response to external environmental factors such as air density, turbulence, cloud, precipitation, etc.

The simulator is made of a cockpit with specific hardware and software and an elliptic 180 degrees projection area. The whole system is controlled with four computers, one of which resides at the “Instructor Station”, from where one can set the coordinates of the aircraft and of the flight (route, position, mass, various flight scenarios, etc.).

Image credit: ROSA/INCAS


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