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Workshop on Innovative Data Mining Techniques in Support of GEOSS

on 03 August 2009

Sinaia, Romania

31 August - 2 Septembrie 2009

Data and Image Information Mining (DM and IIM) are new fields of study that begin to provide tools and solutions to automating the mining (extracting) of information from data that can lead to model and knowledge discovery and the creation of actionable intelligence (exploitation).

Therefore, a progress and a gap analysis are needed to fully describe and understand the current state of the practice in DM and IIM. This will lead to an understanding and an objective assessment of the world's practices in extracting information from Earth Observation data and in developing a strategic plan for advancing the tools, as well as important open issues.

 Scientific Committee

Mr Sergio D'Elia, European Space Agency ESA, Italy

Prof. Tuomas Häme, Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT

Dr Martino Pesaresi, European Commission, Joint Research Centre JRC, Ispra, Italy

Mr Michael Tanner, Scientific and Technical Officer, GEO Secretariat

Dr Gunter Schreier, German Aerospace Center DLR

Dr Klaus Seidel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich

Prof. Toshinori Watanabe, University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan

Dr Florin Serban, Advanced Studies and Research Center, Romania

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