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The 2014 ESA-EUSC-JRC Image Information Mining Conference: The Sentinels Era, Bucharest, 5-7 March 2014

on 03 February 2014

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) together with the University Politehnica Bucharest (UPB) will host the Ninth ESA-EUSC-JRC Image Information Mining Conference: The Sentinels Era, between 5 and 7 March 2014. The event will take place at UPB, Main Library Building, Splaiul Independetei, 313, Bucharest.

Earth observation data sets are growing in size and variety at an exceptionally fast rate, posing challenges and opportunities for their access, archiving and exploitation. Data and images information mining can play a crucial role in this context.

The event is aimed at European space agencies and organisations, aerospace industry and research centres, value added companies and service providers. The registration opening day is set for 1 February 2014 via the ROSA events website.

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Paolo Gamba (University of Pavia, Italy) - "Reprocessing archived EO data for mapping urban sprawl: efficiency versus accuracy"
  • Prof. Marin Ferecatu (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France) - "Real-time interactive learning: from low level descriptions to structures and objects in EO data"
  • Prof. Dana Shapira (Ashkelon Academic College, Israel) - "Direct Processing of Compressed SIFT Feature Vectors"
  • Marco Quartulli (Vicomtech, Spain)
  • "Heterogeneous document management and search for Earth Observation"
  • Prof. Nicu Sebe (University of Trento, Italy) - "Things and stuff: A Computer Vision Perspective"
  • Prof. Peter Baumann (Jacobs University, Germany) - "Unleashing Big Data - but what is Big, and what is Data?"

Conference Chairman
Mihai Datcu (DLR)

Scientific Committee
Aksoy S. (Bilkent University), Bolon P. (Polytech Annecy-Chambéry), Faur D. (University Politehnica Bucharest), Gavat I. (University Politehnica Bucharest), Gueguen L. (DigitalGlobe), King R. (Mississippi State University), Lefèvre S. (Université de Bretagne-Sud), Pesaresi M. (JRC), Vaduva C. (University Politehnica Bucharest)

Organising Committee
Bruzzone L. (UNI-Trento), Colaiacomo L. (EUSC), Datcu M. (DLR), Farres J. (ESA), Giros A. (CNES), Iapaolo M. (ESA), Marchetti P.G. (ESA), Soille P. (JRC)

Local Organising Committee
Nedelcu J. (ROSA), Rodica Constatinescu (University Politehnica Bucharest), Andreea Jutaru (University Politehnica Bucharest)

A list of accepted posters is available here.
Further information on the conference is available here.