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Technology development lies at the foundation of everything ESA does. On average, each European citizen invests only €10 per year on space, compared to €100 invested by their US equivalent. The economic impact of space spending is boosted by a multiplier effect: every €1 invested in space returns an average €6 to the wider economy. So space contributes to growth, employment and competitiveness across many economic sectors. 


Specific programmes Romania is involved in:

  • GSTP 6 Elements 1, 2, 3
  • GSTP 6 Element 4 (Proba-3 Phase C/D/E) (at current e.c.)

The ESA optional programme General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) provides technologies for a wide range of new space programmes and supports industrial competitiveness. GSTP activities cover all ESA domains plus Generic Technologies, excepting Telecommunications which has its own ARTES Programme. The GSTP aims at maturing technology and develop products, involving testing its performance in all conceivable scenarios, until the level of confidence associated with it becomes sufficiently high for comfort – and its risk factor reduces correspondingly.

The GSTP has been in operation for two decades. The current GSTP-5 operates on a five-year work plan and is based around four programme elements, organised on a voluntary basis. Element 1 is 'General Activities', Element 2 is 'Building Blocks and Components', Element 3 is 'Security for the Citizens', Element 4 is 'In Orbit Demonstration'.


VV02 fairing integration. Image credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace/Optique Video du CSG