Yuri's Night an entire night to celebrate space exploration

on 08 April 2015

12 April internationally marks the anniversary of the first flight of a man in space, Yuri Gagarin, and the first flight of a space shuttle, both events taking place on the same day, but at a distance of 20 years - 1961 and 1981. ‘Yuri’s Night’ represents a good opportunity to celebrate the achievements of mankind in space, to encourage future generations of explorers and promote the essential role of outer space in creating a better and peaceful future.

The interested organisations can choose from a wide range of activities in order to celebrate 'Yuri's Night', from scientific sessions and astronomical observations to parties in clubs or meetings of the public with experts in astronomy and astronautics.

During the previous editions of the event, 'Yuri's Night' was internationally celebrated in massive parties held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Stockholm, with messages sent from the astronauts and cosmonauts on board the International Space Station or through symbolic cheers at the South Pole Station.

Further details are available on the official website of the event,

The activities from all over the world included to celebrate "Yuri's Night" in 2015 are listed here.