World Space Week, celebrated in Romania

on 21 October 2014

At the 15th year when it is celebrated worldwide, World Space Week was coordinated in our country, like every time since 1999, by the Romanian Space Agency, during 4-10 October 2014. During this week, nationally there were organized over 50 activities dedicated to space and especially to satellite navigation systems, such as GPS and Galileo.

The event was marked by activities organized in 20 counties, but, as usual, the demonstrations were not limited to the cities of the county, being held including in rural areas.

For example, at Tritenii de Jos, Cluj County, the "Pavel Dan" Secondary School celebrated the event under the coordination of Mrs. Lavinia Cristurean under the motto "Find your way", by organizing a communication session on "satellite navigation systema", a drawing contest - "space through the eyes of children", building models of Earth artificial satellites, and exploring our planet through Google Earth.

In Borca, Neamţ County, 30 children started a "journey into space" on 5 October, performing under the direction of Mrs. Gladiola Bondar, a series of drawings and collages about space and watching videos in this field.

In Barlad, "Sirius" Astronomical Association, together with some schools, conducted a series of activities. "The advantages of GPS monitoring and GPS tracking devices" took place at "Mihai Eminescu" Highschool on 4 October under the direction of Proffesor Ioan Adam, and the next day it was release the 31th number of the "Steps to infinity" magazine.

At Focsani, the Technical College "Traian Vuia" participated in this event for the second consecutive year, with activities such as "A Brief History of Astronomy", "The 7 Wonders of the Solar System", "Saturn - Lord of the Rings", "Looking to infinity" and "Drawing with stardust", coordinated by the teachers Codruţa Preda, Cătălin Preda and Mocanu Epaminonda

More details about the World Space Week are available here.