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Back to School 2022-2023 with ESA

on 11 October 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and ESERO invite primary and secondary teachers and students to explore the school projects and teacher training opportunities offered by the European Space Agency (ESA).

ESA is launching five school projects and new on-site teacher training opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year.

Students have the exciting opportunity to explore space and our planet from the classroom while learning about different STEM subjects.

With Astro Pi, Mission X, Moon Camp, CanSat and Climate Detectives students can learn about Earth’s environment, train like an astronaut, design a Moon base, develop a “micro-satellite” or program a computer onboard the International Space Station.

Starting from October 2022, the ESA teacher training workshops for primary and secondary levels have resumed on-site at the e-technology lab, located in ESEC site in Belgium.  

The e-technology lLab workshops make use of a range of educational technology tools within the context of space to enable participating teachers to engage and inspire their students in STEM subjects. 

More details here.

Image credit: ESA–G. Porter