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Registration Open For The ESA Academy’s Standardization Training Course 2022

on 14 March 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites university students to apply for the fifth edition of ESA Academy’s Standardization Training Course, organised by ESA’s Education Office, in collaboration with ESA’s Requirements and Standards Section.  The deadline for applications is 12 April 2022.

Between 21 and 24 June 2022, ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility in ESEC-Galaxia, Belgium, will welcome the selected university students. During these four days, they will be given an introduction to the ECSS and will learn from several ESA experts the importance of using standards and the impact they have on the way space activities are implemented. They will also be provided with an overview of how and why standards are used in different disciplines at ESA.

The ECSS (The European Cooperation for Space Standardization) established a coherent, single set of user-friendly standards for all European space activities. This goal is achieved by applying common standards for project management, for the development and testing of hardware and software, and for product and quality assurance. All standards and standards updates are agreed between all the stakeholders, agencies and industry alike.

The use of standards aims to minimise technical risk and cost for space systems and space products development, while ensuring the compatibility of all elements of a space project. It is therefore essential to everything that ESA does.

In order to participate, students must be aged at least 18 years old, be a citizen of an ESA Member State, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania or Slovenia, and be studying an Engineering subject.

The selected students will be sponsored by ESA. This will cover accommodation and meals as well as up to 200 Euro for travelling to Belgium.

More details on the application process and the course can be found here.

Image credit: ESA