Orbit Your Thesis! 3 open for proposals

on 14 February 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is inviting Master and PhD students to submit proposals for theOrbit Your Thesis! (OYT!) programme, which gives them the opportunity todesign, build, test, and operate their experiment aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The deadline for submitting proposals was extended to 21 March 2022.

With the guidance of experts and close support from ESA Academy, the selected team of students will operate their very own experiment within the ICECubes Facility in the Columbus module for up to four months in microgravity.

Participating in the OYT! programme give students develop crucial scientific, academic and professional skills that will help them kick-start their future careers and make them stand out head and shoulders above the rest of their peers when it comes to applying for jobs. These skills include project management, risk identification & mitigation, problem solving, working within a diverse workplace, and first-hand experience in the space industry. 

Team members will meet regularly with professionals and experts and will thus be guided throughout the entire process. The ESA Education Office also provides some financial support to cover, in part, the cost of travel and accommodation during workshops and test campaigns.

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Image credit: Oscar-Qube–J. Gorissen