Registration open for ESA Academy’s very first CubeSat Summer School

on 03 February 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites university students with engineering and physics backgrounds to participate in ESA Education Office's latest initiative, the CubeSat Summer School 2022. The event will take place over four weeks from 8 August to 2 September 2022 at ESEC-Galaxia (Transinne, Belgium). The deadline for submitting applications is 22 March 2022.

During the Summer School, ESA and external experts will deliver an extensive mix of lectures and hands-on activities. The entire project lifecycle of a satellite mission will be covered, from design to verification, launch and operations, including typical milestone reviews and new methodologies. Students will be introduced to project management best practices, legal, cybersecurity, and economic aspects of space projects. The Summer School will even introduce space entrepreneurship skills, offering support in devising methods of turning a CubeSat into a viable and profitable business opportunity!

Upon completing the CubeSat Summer School 2022, participating students will have gained the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to undertake CubeSat or other space-related projects, be confident with engineering and project management standards, and be better prepared to join the European space sector.

Students aged a minimum of 18 years, citizens of an ESA Member State, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania or Slovenia, studying an engineering or physics subject with basic knowledge in space science and technology can apply to the CubeSat Summer School 2022.

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Image credit: ESA