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Join ESA’s Webb Challenges

on 31 January 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites students to join ESA’s Webb Challenges. Each week in the build-up to ESA’s Webb Quest event, ESA Education will be releasing new, fun challenges for students to get involved in and delve further into the interesting science behind Webb.

With the recent successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, ESA is challenging students to get creative in their classroom and learn more about the world’s largest space telescope! The challenges are designed to be done at home or in the classroom, with accessible materials and are adaptable to different age ranges.

The first two challenges have been launched:

Build Your Webb - Children aged 6-19 are invited to create an inspired piece of artwork, 3D design or 3D print a Webb model or to get innovative and find a new way to build their very own Webb telescope.

Pixel Your Webb – Students are challenged to create a picture just like an astronomer would and draw a pixelated image of the James Webb Space Telescope. This is an adaptation to an existing ESA Teach with Space Resource, designed to help your pupils discover more about the James Webb Space Telescope mission

The upcoming Webb challenge, which will be launched over the next few weeks is:

Fold Your Webb – Coming Soon

Students are challenged to make their very own space mirror by following a step-by-step origami tutorial to create a model of the James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror.

More details here.

Image credit: NASA/C. Gunn