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Live demonstration for cyber resilience

on 13 January 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites you to participate in Europe’s newest cybersecurity demonstration, as part of the CYSAT conference, which will be held in Paris in April 2022. The successful applicants selected from space and security professionals, students and other members of the public will have the chance to verify their cybersecurity experiments in space.

Ideas should be submitted by 18 February 2022 and successful proposals will be given controlled, technical access to OPS-SAT for a live demo during the conference.

The event will bring together cybersecurity experts to help ESA and European industry keep critical space services secure and resilient.

During Cysec’s annual conference in April 2022, ESA’s OPS-SAT space lab will be made available to select, invited applicants to test their winning ideas in a controlled, robust environment – precisely the type of experiment the 30cm flying CubeSat was created for. The results will help ESA and European industry advance and further perfect cybersecurity in space.

With a flight computer ten times more powerful than any current ESA spacecraft, OPS-SAT has already hosted in-flight experiments ranging across AI, deep learning and financial transactions to data relay, data compression and on-board automation.

The top three selected finalists will be judged on the creativity of their ideas, the technical feasibility of their proposed experiments, and the potential for storytelling. The event will be technically very demanding, as teams will only have six-minute communication slots available with the satellite.

More details here.

Image credit: ESA