Rocket Workshop 2014

on 09 May 2014

During 9-11 May 2014, EUROAVIA Bucharest (The European Association of Aerospace Engineering Students) and the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) are organising the Rocket Workshop 2014, a model rocket competition which is dedicated exclusively to all the educational levels students at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Polytechnic University of Bucharest.
The 50 participants in the competition were asked to build and launch a model rocket, but only after the had accomplished the three stages of the contest.
The first part, the theoretical one, had been already held at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering on 9 May and included the actual teaching of computing concepts and designing a model rocket.

The next step, the construction of the rocket, will take place on May 10. Using materials provided by EUROAVIA, the teams will have the chance to be creative and innovative and to freely chose the design of their model rocket, then to build it using the knowledge from the previous day.
On May 11 the final stage of the competition is scheduled at Clinceni. The model rockets will be launched then and the jury will decide the winners and will reward them.

The registrations began on April 30 and in the early days the 50 available seats were occupied. The mixed teams of 5 people each were formed based on the participants’ level of knowledge in model rocket science.
Lazar Florin-Cristian and Mingireanu Florin, members of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) will provide the support on the technical, design, construction and launch stages for the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering students.
The main organiser, EUROAVIA Bucharest, is the local group of EUROAVIA International (The European Association of Aerospace Students), an association which aims to stimulate the contact between students and companies in the aeronautical and aerospace domain, the intercultural exchanges between students from different member countries through symposia, workshops, competitions, conferences, but also to represent the international aerospace students.


Credit imagine: EURAVIA