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Registration opened for the Online Space Debris Training Course 2021

on 04 March 2021

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites students to attend this year’s edition of the Online Space Debris Training Course, organised by ESA’s Education Office. The deadline for applications is 6 April 2021.

Space debris is a hazard to our satellites and spacecraft as well as a contributor to near-Earth space pollution. To help raise awareness of this issue, ESA’s Education Office is organising the fourth edition of ESA Academy’s Space Debris Training Course. The online course will be held during 9 afternoon sessions (Central European Time) between 17 and 28 May 2021.

The Space Debris Training Course will help raise awareness of the hazard represented by space debris for satellites and spacecraft, as well as a contributor to near-Earth space pollution.

University students will be provided with an introduction to the concept of space debris, why it is necessary to address this problem, and how the mitigation policies set by ESA apply to missions.

This training course is a collaboration between ESA’s Education Office and ESA’s Space Debris Office, which coordinates ESA's research activities in all major debris disciplines. These include measurements, modelling, protection, and mitigation.

More details about the schedule and the applying process here.

Image credit: ESA / ID&Sense/ONiRiXEL, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO