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Romanian students, winners at the 2014 Cansat competition

on 18 June 2014

The "Ro-Sat One" and "Carmen Sylva 1" Romanian teams won the first prize in the Advanced category and the second prize in the Beginners category at the Cansat 2014 European Competition, that took place between 1-5 June 2014. This year, nine high school students teams from six ESA Member States and five teams that have won national competitions, participated in the contest held at Andøya Rocket Range in Norway.

On 31 May and 1 June, students from all over Europe arrived at the event, and after a night of rest the contest was officially opened by Henrik Aasheim, a member of the Norwegian Parliament.

Students then started to present their projects to the other teams and experts who judged the contest, and in the second day they visited the Aurora Spaceship simulator, where groups of students received space related assignments.

On 3 June, the teams were taken to Skarsteinsdalen, a former military camp where the Cansats were to be launched to an altitude of about 1 km by a small Intruder rocket.

Five rockets, each carrying two Cansats, soared into the air during the morning. Unfortunately, one rocket deployed the Carmen Sylva and Ro-Sat One payloads later than normal, so their flight time was shorter than for the other Cansats. Two teams lost contact with their payloads after suffering a power problem.

On 4 June, the students gave their final presentations in front of the jury and on 5 June the final ceremony took place. The first prize in the Beginners category was awarded to Kattsat from Norway, with the second prize going to Carmen Sylva 1 from Romania, and third prize to Candroid from Ireland.

The winning team in the Advanced category was Ro-Sat One from Romania, who included a rover on their Cansat. Second was Aristarchus from Greece, with Atmosteam from Belgium in third.