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on 02 October 2013

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites Romanian students to participate in the 2013 edition of the "Cassini Scientist for a Day" competition, launched by the European Space Agency (ESA).
The Cassini-Huygens mission is an international endeavour between NASA, ESA, and the Italian Space Agency (ASI). In 2004, after a journey of nearly seven years the spacecraft, comprising NASA's Cassini orbiter and ESA's Huygens probe, was the first to enter orbit around Saturn. The spacecraft is currently still in orbit around Saturn providing scientists with an abundance of information about the giant planet and its moons.

Students from many of the ESA Member State and ESA Cooperating State, namely Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the UK, are invited to submit a 500-word essay explaining their choice of one of three targets to be imaged by the Cassini spacecraft in orbit around Saturn.

Essays must be submitted to the appropriate national organiser who will select the winners for that country. The contact details for the Romanian organisers are Ioana Stoica ( and Ana Naghi ( The closing date for the competition 06 of December 2013.

Winners of the competition held in ESA Member States and ESA Cooperating States will receive a special ESA goodie bag and certificate. In addition, the winning essays will be published on the ESA website.

For further details please visit the ESA website.