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Drop Your Thesis! 2021 Call for Proposals

on 05 August 2020

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is inviting university students interested in conducting experiments in the field of microgravity to apply for the 2021 edition of the programme Drop your Thesis!, organised by the Education Office of the European Space Agency (ESA). The deadline for submitting proposals is 22 November 2020.

The Drop Your Thesis! (DYT) programme of ESA Academy offers university students the opportunity to drop their experiment within a capsule in ZARM’s Drop Tower Facility in Bremen, Germany. This drop tower is one of the tallest and best-known drop tower facilities in Europe, with a height of 146 meters and supporting control rooms, laboratories and workshops. Within the tower, a 120-meter high steel tube from which air can be evacuated accommodates all technical components to achieve microgravity conditions.

ESA Academy is looking to sponsor teams of four or more university students from ESA Member States, Slovenia and Canada. Students applying to this call should adopt ESA’s principles on diversity and equal opportunities into account when forming their teams, as well as the eligibility requirements mentioned on this website.

The chosen experiments will be conducted in late 2021. For further information, you can access the following link.

Image credit: ESA