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Open call for Young Professionals Workshop Programme

on 10 June 2020

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites young professionals to apply for the IAF’s Young Professionals (YP) Workshop programme. Applications are open until 13 June 2020.

The programme was initiated in 2012 to gather ideas and proposals from early career employees in the international space community and provide IAF member organisations with greater knowledge, insights, and perspectives that can help them better develop and empower the next generation of space program employees.

The YP Workshops are one-day events held in connection with the annual International Astronautical Congress. Twenty-five to 50 young space professional delegates, nominated by IAF member organizations, are selected each year to take part in the Workshop. The participants are then divided into discussion groups that focus on a specific topic that they consider in depth through virtual exchanges during the summer. The discussion groups then meet during the workshop and present the results of their deliberations to all the workshop participants.

For details about applications, you can follow this link.

Image source: IAF