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Webinars for space-inspired STEM activities

on 18 May 2020

The Space Foundation, with the support of Lockheed Martin, is offering a 15 series webinar event full of space-inspired STEM activities and career pathway discussions geared toward Middle and High school students, but also for parents and teachers.

The webinars include topics such as:

  • Audience With an Astronaut
  • Mars Lander Design
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Wearable Technology


The webinars aim to help students develop into lifelong STEM learners and inspiring students through virtual hands-on activities and lesson plans.

Additionally, participating students will have the opportunity to listen to stories and the career pathway of a former NASA astronaut during three sessions of our Audience With an Astronaut® program.

Each episode will launch at 19:00 Romanian time, Monday - Friday beginning on 18 May through 5 June. Each Monday, the Audience With an Astronaut® episode will begin immediately after the lesson tutorial is completed.

Videos can also be seen after sessions are completed, at this link.

Image source: The Space Foundation