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12 teams from Romania granted ‘flight status’ in Astro Pi: Mission Space Lab

on 07 April 2020

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that 208 teams in 22 countries have been granted ‘flight status’ and will progress onto Phase 3 (Deploy) and Phase 4 (Analyse) of Astro Pi Mission Space Lab Competition 2019/2020. 12 Romanian teams have been selected.

The teams from Romania are:

  • Astro3
  • Bendis
  • BPC_Pi
  • Cloud Nine
  • Cnglgucci
  • CoderDojo Oradea Space Robotics
  • DualCore
  • Spaced Out 1
  • TerraPi
  • UrbanTravellers

The teams' experiments were selected based on their experiment idea, the quality of their code, and the feasibility of their project - with special attention paid to comments included in their code. The selected programs have each been tested on the ground for 3 hours, in order to ensure that the experiments will run without errors on board the ISS.

Due to Coronavirus, the amount of time given to each team to write their report has been extended. After reviewing the entries, ESA and the Raspberry Pi Foundation will select the 10 best reports and announce those winning teams of the challenge who will receive a special prize!

In the coming weeks, the experiments will be deployed to the ISS and overseen by an astronaut on board. The teams will then receive the data for them to analyse and write a short report that will be judged by ESA and Raspberry Pi Foundation Astro Pi experts.

More information about the competition can be found at this link.

Image credit: European Space Agency