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New STEM classroom resources available for teachers

on 17 January 2020

For teachers of STEM and all those interested in the subject, a set of 3 classroom resources have been published by ESA Education. The activities which will see teachers and students embark on a scientific investigation of Mars using Lego Mindstorms.

Using these resources, your pupils will learn how to build and command a Lego Mindstorms rover, will research if there is water on Mars (and in which state), and will learn how to send a message by relaying a signal from the Red Planet to a neighbouring satellite.

The three classroom resources are suitable for pupils 12-16 years old and will help teach them notions of Technology, Programming and Physics. The resources are available online, meaning that the teacher guides and students worksheets can be downloaded and used by anyone interested in the subject.

The guides include instructions about the Lego sets and other materials needed for this activity.

The guides can be downloaded at this link.

Image credit: ESA