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on 08 January 2020

ESERO Romania, a joint project of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), is organising the sixth edition of the National CanSat Competition. Secondary school students and teachers are invited to register for the preselection until 26 January 2020.

The CanSat is a simulation of a satellite integrated in the volume and the shape of a standard can for soft drinks. The challenge of the competition is to integrate all the major satellite’s subsystems — such as energy supply and communications — in a soft drink can with a volume of 330 millilitres. The CanSat will be launched from an altitude of one kilometre with the help of a rocket, balloon, plane, helicopter or drone and it will have to perform a mission and land safely.

Mixed teams (female/male), made of four to six students, aged over 14 years old by 1 April 2020, and coordinated by a professor will send by 26 January 2020 a sign up form that can be found online at this address.

The form will have details about the secondary mission, the way students will share responsibilities, as well as how they will promote the mission.

Teams will compete for eight places in the finals of the CanSat 2020 Competition. The selection will take into account an equal geographical distribution.

The campaign launching the national competition will take place 23-26 April in Timișoara and Caransebeș. The winning team of the national competition will qualify directly in the finals of the European CanSat Competition, which will take place this summer and will be organised by the European Space Agency.

More information is available on the website.

Information about the European competition can be found here.

Image credit: ESA