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Introductory courses to space science for math, physics, biology, chemistry and geography teachers, Marisel, 8 11 August 2019

on 23 July 2019

Between 8 – 11 August 2019, ESERO Romania is organising two introductory courses to space sciences for secondary school teachers (middle school and high school), at “Popasul Iancului guest house”, Marisel, Cluj County. The deadline for registration is 29 July 2019.

The courses will take place at the same time and will have two main themes:

  • Space sciences and technologies, this course is addressed mainly to math and physics teachers;
  • Astrobiology and space sciences, this course is addressed mainly to biology, chemistry and geography teachers.

A part of the course will be common and will reunite both groups, while other components will take place in parallel sessions, with specific themes for each group: space technologies/robotics for the math-physics group and astrobiology for the biology, chemistry and geography group.

The objective of the course is to offer to the participants the necessary skills to attract secondary school students towards STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), through the fascination of space.

Candidates must demonstrate competence and interest in disseminating the knowledge and experience gained during the course to their pupils as well as to other teachers in their home town, to attract as many pupils as possible to astronomy, space science and technology and STEM. The selection of participants will also take into account the most equitable geographical distribution within the eight development regions of Romania.

More information is available here.

Image credit: ESERO Romania