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The Finals of the 2019 National CanSat Competition, Timisoara/Caransebes, 22-25 April 2019

on 19 April 2019

Between 22 and 25 April 2019, nine teams of high-school students from all over Romania will participate at the finals of the 5th National CanSat Competition. The event is organised by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) through ESERO Romania, a joint project of the European Space Agency (ESA) and ROSA.

ESERO Romania – the European Space Education Resource Office – Romania is a project meant to increasestudents’ interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by using space as an educational context.

The National CanSat Competition is organised in partnership with the West University of Timisoara and the “Max Ausnit” airport in Caransebes, with the support of the Banat IT Association, DuncaExpediții and the TraianVuia Museum. The West University of Timisoara will host the participants – students and accompanying teachers – as well as part of the tests of the competition. The University will also secure participants’ transport for the field test, the minisatellites launch, which will take place on the Caransebes Airport, on 23 April.

The teams selected for the finals are:

  • GRASP, coordinatorAnastasiu Elena, „Alexandrucel Bun” College, GuraHumorului, Suceava County [Development region 1 NE]
  • TOMIS 5, coordinator Băraru Ion, „Mircea celBătrân” National College, Constanța, ConstanțaCounty [Development region 2 SE]
  • ASTRONAUTICA, coordinator Radu George, DREPT Association, Aninoasa, DâmbovițaCounty [Development region 3 S]
  • Terraformers, coordinator State Gabriel, „IenăchițăVăcărescu”National College, Târgoviște, DâmbovițaCounty [Development region 3 S]
  • Sat_ONE, coordinator Nicolescu Vlad, Elena CuzaNational College, Craiova, DoljCounty [Development region 4 SV]
  • Laika, coordinator Iorgu Adrian, CoderDojo TM @ StartUpHub, Timișoara, TimișCounty [Development region 5 V]
  • HELIOS, coordinator Farkas Corina, C.A. „Sabin Drăgoi” and „VasileGoldiș” National College, Arad, Arad County [Development region 5 V]
  • CoderDojoOradeaSpaceRobotics, coordinator Erzse Daniel, CoderDojo Oradea, Bihor County [Development region 6 NV]
  • MIKO19, coordinator Peto Maria, SzékelyMikó High-School, Sf. Gheorghe, Covasna County [Development region 7 C]

The CanSat competition is a simulation of a satellite integrated in the volume and shape of a standard dose of a soft drink. The challenge for students is to include all major subsystems of a satellite — such as those for sensors, electricity and communications — into a 330 ml dose of a refreshment drink.

The CanSat will be launched from an altitude of about one kilometre, will have to perform a mission and land safely. Projects selected for this year's edition will be launched using a helicopter. The launching campaign will take place at the “Max Ausnit” Airport in Caransebes.

Prior to the launch, the CanSat prepared by each team will undergo a technical inspection to determine whether it meets the requirements for size, weight, radio communications and parachute.

The winning team of the National Competition will qualify directly for the Finals of the 2019 European CanSat Competition, organised by the European Space Agency in Italy.

More details about CanSats in Europe are available on the official ESERO Romania website and the CanSats website.

For a detailed programme of the event, follow us on the ESERO Romania Facebook page.

Mass-media representatives are welcomed to attend the event. For press information, the contact person is Mr. Virgiliu Pop, ESERO Romania manager, virgiliu dot pop at

Image credit: ESERO Romania/West University of Timisoara