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ESA Academy’s Product Assurance Awareness Training Course

on 18 April 2019

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is inviting Romanian MSc and PhD students studying an engineering subject to apply to the Product Assurance Awareness Training Course (PAA), organised by ESA Academy between 4 and 7 June 2019, at ESEC-Galaxia in Transinne, Belgium. The deadline for applications is 25 April 2019.

This course will equip 30 University students with knowledge in Product Assurance (PA) and teach them how this knowledge is implemented in a space project, not only in ESA but also in the space business. 

PA engineers are a crucial part of mission operations. They are responsible for ensuring that materials, mechanical parts, processes, and electrical components used in spacecraft and launchers are fit for their purpose over the entire lifetime of the mission. 

This upcoming PAA Training Course is designed to attract the next generation of specialists needed to fulfil these vital positions. Run by ESA’s current PA managers and discipline experts, it will allow the students to discover, through interactive lectures, how PA is an integral part of engineering activities, playing a role in the development, design, test philosophy, building, and operation of systems.

In order to participate, students must fulfil the following criteria at the time of application: be aged between 18 and 32, be a citizen of an ESA Member States, Canada and Slovenia, be enrolled as a full-time MSc (BSc completed) or PhD student in a university (not graduating before the training course), be studying an engineering subject.

The selected students will be sponsored by ESA. The sponsorship will cover accommodation and meals as well as up to 200 Euros for travelling to Belgium. 

For more information, please visit this page.

Image credit: ESA