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Introductory course to Space Activities and Technology for Mathematics and Physics Teachers, Marisel, 2018

on 05 July 2018

Between 7 and 10 August 2018, ESERO Romania is organising an introductory course to space activities and technologies at Marisel, Cluj County. The course is addressed to Romanian Mathematics or Physics teachers from secondary schools or high schools. The deadline for registration is 26 July 2018.

The course aims at using cosmic space as an attractive context for teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Topics such as the presentation of ESERO Romania, ESA's educational resources, basic notions of astronomy, Earth's artificial satellites, basic notions of space telecommunication, and CanSat will be addressed. The course will also include practical activities:

  • the reception of low frequency electromagnetic waves;
  • the spectral analysis of the received signals and the interpretation of the obtained spectra;
  • transmitting voice signal through elastic strings;
  • determining the direction of the local meridian and the moment when the Sun crosses this meridian;
  • scanning the sky with a didactic radio telescope, and making an elementary radio map of the visible sky;
  • transmitting images and sound by radio waves at long distances, using high-directivity antenna receivers;
  • using GPS receivers to determine the exact time and the geographic coordinates;
  • the transformation of the geographic coordinates expressed in decimal system in coordinates expressed in sexagesimal system and vice versa;
  • a visit to the Scientific and Technological Research Centre of BITNET CCSS company;
  • the reception of real time Earth images, line by line, from NOAA meteorological satellites;
  • astronomical observations depending on weather conditions.

The course takes place at “Popasul Iancului” guest house in Marisel and at the Marisel

Astronomical Observatory in Cluj County.

The course can accommodate 20 participants. The training, the accommodation in a double or triple room and the meals for three days (7-10 August 2018) are free of charge, as well as the round trip Cluj-Napoca – Marisel, using a hired bus. The travel from the home town to Cluj-Napoca and back falls into the responsibility of the participant.

Candidates will have to demonstrate competence and interest in disseminating the knowledge and experience gained during the course to other high school or secondary school teachers and to as many students as possible, in pedagogical clubs (for teachers) or excellence groups (for students) or other similar bodies, to attract as many students as possible to space science and technology. The selection of participants will also take into account the most equitable geographical distribution. The course is addressed to teachers who have not participated in previous editions.

Teachers can apply until 26 July 2018, following these instructions.