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The 2017 CanSat Competition Finals, Ploiesti, 19 23 April

on 19 April 2017

Starting from 19 April and until 23 April, seven student teams participate at the finals of the 2017 National CanSat Competition. The event is organised by ESERO Romania and it will take place at the Elie Radu Technical College and the George Valentin Bibescu Aerodrome in Ploiesti.

The 2017 CanSat Competition is organised by ESERO Romania, a project of the European Space Agency (ESA), in collaboration with the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA). The 2017 edition is organised with the support of the Prahova County School Inspectorate and the Superior School of Civil Aviation.

The teams selected for the final stage by ESERO Romania, in collaboration with ESA’s Education Office, are:


  • ConSat, Drobeta Turnu – Severin Childrens’ Palace – Orsova branch, coordinated by Agape Mihai;
  • Late Night Engineers, International Informatics High- School, coordinated by Travaci Ferhat;
  • DATAVAN, Constantin Brancusi Technical College, coordinated by Cindea Nicoleta;
  • TOMIS III, Mircea cel Batran National College, coordinated by Bararu Ion;
  • RO – OZ, Piatra Neamt National Informatics College, coordinated by Bejan Diana Cristina;
  • IVSA, Ienachita Vacarescu National College, coordinated by State Gabriel;
  • Microsat, Tudor Vianu National Informatics College, coordinated by Trifan George;
  • Spartans CanSat, Constantin Carabella National College, coordinated by Voiculescu Mihaela.

The teams will present their projects in the order presented above, with the mention that the Microsat team withdrew from the competition.

CanSats represent a simulation of a satellite integrated in the volume and shape of a standard beverages can. The challenge for the participant students resides in including all the major subsystems of a satellite – such as electricity power and communication – in a can with a volume of 330 milliters.

The CanSats will be launched from an altitude of one kilometre, they should accomplish a mission and land in safe conditions. The projects selected for the 2017 edition will be launched with the assistance of a helicopter. The launching campaign will take place on the George Valentin Bibescu Aerodrome, in Ploiesti.

Prior to the CanSat launch, the satellite designed by each team will need to pass a technical test, which will determine if it respects the competition restrictions in terms of size, weight, radio communication and parachute.

The winning team of the national competition will qualify in the finals of the 2017 European CanSat Competition, organised by ESA.

More details about the competition are available on the ESERO official webpage and on the CanSat website.

Image credit: ESA