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ESA astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, answers questions from Romanian teachers live from the International Space Station

on 09 December 2016

Primary and secondary-school teachers from Romania are invited to ask questions to European Space Agency’s (ESA) astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, currently on board the International Space Station (ISS). Thomas will answer the best questions during a live inflight call from the ISS. The event is organised by the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) Romania and the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) on 24 January 2017, in Timisoara, with the support of the West University.

Teachers interested to participate at the event should address their question regarding the theme „Space in everyday life” by filling out this form, no later than 14 December 2016. STEM teachers are particularly encouraged to participate, but no other subject is excluded.

From the total number of incoming questions, the best 10 of them will be selected, and the teachers who addressed them will be invited to participate to the meeting with Thomas. Access to the event is by invitation only.

Thomas Pesquet is at his first space mission, called Proxima, and his main educational objective during the mission is to promote the „Space in everyday life” theme.

ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) is a joint project of the European Space Agency (ESA) and its national partners — in Romania, the national partner is the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA). ESERO is the main ESA project dedicated to supporting education at secondary level in ESA’s Member States.  The ESERO offices promote ESA competitions at a European level and they are the main contact points for teachers and students. The ESERO project raises the awareness of the younger generation on the European space programme and on its importance for modern society and economy.

Image credit: ESA/NASA/ROSA