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Aerospace Challenge for Students

on 09 November 2016

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites Romanian students to participate in the Student Aerospace Challenge 2016-2017, organised by the Astronaute Club Europeen together with industrial and institutional partners. 

The competition will offer the participants the opportunity to get involved in a study referring to a manned suborbital vehicle. The students will work on the suborbital plane and they will choose a topic such as propulsion, avionics, legal aspects etc.

The programme is divided into the following nine working packages:

WP1 - Aerodynamics and flight control
WP2 - Structure and layout
WP3 - Propulsion
WP4 - Cabin layout 
WP5 - Onboard systems
WP6 - Maintenance
WP7 - Economic aspects
WP8 - Legal aspects
WP9 - Medical aspects

The students will be organised in teams based on their field of studies and they will enjoy a unique experience that will bring them closer to aerospace activities.

The selected teams will have five months to work on a project that will include an activity report. They will be invited at the Suborbital Day, where they will present their projects in front of the organisers. The best presentations will be awarded during the Le Bourget Paris Air Show.

Those who want to participate in the programme will need an oral authorisation from a faculty member. Later on, the students will have to submit an application form, available here.

It is important to select one of the above mentioned packages and to submit a cover letter which will present details on the student’s skills and motivation to participate in the programme. You can find more details on this matter here.

The competition is addressed to those studying the following:

- Mechanical engineering;
- Aerospace engineering;
- Economics;
- Law;
- Communication;
- Design;
- Medicine.

Key dates

1 December 2016 - application deadline

13 January 2017 - deadline for submission of abstracts

2 May 2017 - deadline for sending the project’s report and poster

8 June 2017 - 'The Suborbital Day'

23 June 2017: Award ceremony

Those who are interested in becoming ambassadors of the programme can find out more details on the event’s website.

Other details about the competition can be found here.

Image credit: ACE