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The National Contest for Science and Technology RoSEF2016

on 08 June 2016

The National Contest for Science and Technology RoSEF2016 is addressed to youngsters passionate about innovation and invention, enrolled in middle school and high-school (from 5th to 12th grade, with an age limit of 19 years old). They are encouraged to participate in the contest with a work presented as an exhibit or as a poster, which must be subscribed no later than 20 June. The contest is organised by the School Inspectorate of the Suceava County, The Scientific Society Cygnus – UNESCO Centre, Ștefan cel Mare University – Suceava, National College Petru Rareș – Suceva, in partnership with the European Space Education Resource Office – Romania (ESERO România). The event will take place between 24-26 June in Suceava.

The participating students can organise themeselves in teams of up to three people, although the contest promotes individual applications. The projects organised by teams will be analysed in a different manner than the individual projects.

The contest will be organised in three consecutive days, as follows:

- first day – the arrangement of the stalls and the opening event for the contest;
- the second day – the jury will evaluate the projects;
- the third day – award festivity.

The projects can be presented as exhibits or as posters. From a technical point of view, the exhibit should have the following dimensions:

- depth – 50 cm;
- width – 80 cm;
- height – 120 cm.

The posters should have a dimension of 80 x 120 cm.

The projects can be inspired from the next categories:

- sciences;
- applied sciences;
- information technology;
- robotics and space.

RoSEF2016 is organised on the following age categories:

- category A: 12-15 years old;
_ category B: 16-19 years old.

The jury of the contest will include personalities interested in the field of innovation and invention, university professors, science journalists, sponsors and representatives of the organisers.

Those who are interested in further details on the contest can access the competition rules here.